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The Chamber of Commerce of Seville focuses on promoting internationalization, business creation, innovation, business promotion and entrepreneurship through several services and activities.

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville has a wide training program with different courses addressed to entrepreneurs, professionals, employees and unemployed, managed by our own Business School, Vocational Training Center and the University Center (EUSA, www.eusa.es).

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville is associated to different levels with international, national and local entities (Eurochambres, Global Chambers Platform, ASCAME, Chamber of Commerce of Spain, Andalusian Council of Chambers, etc.) and projects, having an important network of partners in Europe and the world.

There are many activities that the Chamber of Commerce of Seville is implementing to contribute to the economic development in the province of Seville:

  • Entrepreneurship promotion, with a specific program for entrepreneur women
  • SMEs Internationalisation
  • International cooperation: economic development projects, internationalisation, entrepreneurial spirit, training, new technologies, transport and logistics, energy and environment, policy development and effectuation, mobility programs, etc
  • Business assessment
  • Innovation and technology
  • Education and training
  • Business representation
  • Cooperation in the development of new regional and European policies and programs.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce of Seville Foundation develops a wide variety of actions to achieve a greater integration and a more balanced development among the business community.

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INCOMA is a training agency based in Seville (Spain) with a large experience in the development and coordination of European projects funded within the framework of EU programmes, especially in the fields of education, VET training and mobility (Erasmus+) and research (Horizon2020).

Our activity is devoted to the knowledge transfer at EU level and to the development of projects targeting groups at risk of exclusion or with special difficulties to enter the labour market, such as young people, women or migrants.

Our main areas of expertise include: mobility (as a training agency we manage mobility projects, both sending and hosting approximately 1,000 trainees yearly to acquire relevant work experience); vocational training; employment, labour inclusion and the promotion of equal opportunities; entrepreneurship; intercultural competences and languages (YES is a subsidiary of INCOMA and an accredited regional school that provides language and VET courses).

INCOMA group is composed of a multicultural and committed team of approximately 20 people with relevant experience in EU projects funded through different programmes Our main areas of expertise include: mobility (as a training agency we manage mobility projects, both sending and hosting . Throughout its 15-year history, INCOMA has grown and currently works with partners and clients from most European countries and also from non-European regions, such as South America, Southeast Asia or Northern Africa.

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Inova Consultancy is an SME which specialises in providing consultancy services and project work in the field of gender, professional development non-traditional fields and entrepreneurship. With extensive experience in working on European Funded Projects in the field of enterprise and career support, both as a partner and contractor in LLP and Erasmus Plus projects, Inova has specialist experience in running workshops, training courses and mentoring programmes aimed at women starting up or developing their business. Several of personal development/soft skills workshops and the innovative training methodology of Mentoring Circles™ for women entrepreneurs in the UK and the EU have been developed by Inova as well.

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Programma integra scs

Programma integra scs

Programma integra is an integrated social cooperative founded in 2005 and based in Rome, Italy. Programma integra mission is to implement and support plans for the social integration of migrants and refugees, in order to promote the start-up of sustainable and durable processes of autonomy and to contribute to Community wellbeing and development.

Programma integra carries out this mission through:

  • European and national projects on social inclusion and work insertion of migrants, refugees and foreign minors, multiculturality, non-discrimination, social entrepreneurship, training and updating of social professionals; as well as through research and exchange of best practices on these issues.
  • Front office services providing information and counselling to migrants, refugees and foreign minors, such as social and legal counseling, job orientation including support to entrepreneurship, group and individual counseling, vocational training and Italian language courses, intercultural mediation, social mediation services in the field of housing.
  • Promotion of cooperation, knowledge and innovation among public and private professionals in the sector, in particular through updating and training courses, seminars and workshops, research and exchange of good practices.
  • Promotion of the Community involvement in the challenge of integration, including information and awareness-raising actions and campaigns aimed at citizens and economic players.
  • Support and technical assistance to institutions in high social impact projects (planning, managing, monitoring and reporting of innovative interventions).
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Matera Hub


Materahub is an Italian consortium of companies working internationally and supporting companies, start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations through European projects and cohesion policies. Its main goal is to create entrepreneurial and social utility projects, linking skills and visions and boosting networks between people and organizations across Europe.

Materahub promotes entrepreneurship as a means for local development based on sustainability, social innovation and enhancement of the people and the material and intangible heritage. So, it deploys the following activities and services: european project design; promotion of new economic models; support for industries and cultural and creative operators involved in visual arts, performing arts, literature, music, design, fashion, crafts, entertainment and taste industry; promotion of new tourism models; entrepreneurship training for young entrepreneurs; promotion of new economic models; support for the development of micro-enterprises and SMEs; promotion of training models in non-formal contexts; support for enterprises operating in the food sector; support for start-ups and business incubators; promotion of exchanges and collaborations; promotion of local cultural heritage; professional training and company certification. Up to that, Materahub develops strategies, models and tools for learning entrepreneurial skills; carries out research, training and support actions aimed at specific target groups; implements and experiments with CREATIVE PROJECT CANVAS; implements and experiments with KNOWLEDGE INTEGRATION.

The target groups that will benefit from Materahub's activities are aspiring entrepreneurs and start-uppers, artists and creatives, educators, trainers, mentors and tutors, business incubators, public and private bodies, NEETs (young unemployed and untrained people) and migrants.

Materahub is partner for Italy of many international projects. It works with the European Commission, other international bodies and Italian public institutions.

Materahub is also a EUROPE DIRECT Centre of the European Commission for the time frame 2018-2020.

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Elan Interculturel is an organization created by a group of professionals interested in the challenges of intercultural encounters and coexistence. Our association's objective is to contribute to intercultural dialogue to a better experience of cultural diversity.

As a laboratory of intercultural methodologies élan interculturel’s mission is to promote a holistic vision of culture (psychological and socio-anthropological) and to propose an innovative pedagogies to open up reflection and to develop skills and competences for intercultural dialogue. To contribute to a more intercultural society we engage in international cooperation projects whose objective is to develop new teaching methodologies that can be used in various training courses tailored to different audiences (social workers, educators, teachers, health professionals etc.). As a training organization, we use interactive teaching methods and non-formal pedagogies (applying literature, theatre, improvisation, art) that offer creative, accessible and motivating learning experiences.

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CARDET is one of the leading research and training centers in the eastern Mediterranean region with global expertise in project design and implementation, project management, training and e-learning. CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of adult and vocational training initiatives in the areas of financial literacy, innovation and entrepreneurship. Members of its team and board represent European and International Higher education institutions, training centers and international organizations, and have in-depth knowledge of the adult training sector and financial literacy area while CARDET focuses in the promotion of social justice and social progress.

CARDET brings together an international team of experts with decades of global expertise in adult training, capacity building, curriculum development, social entrepreneurship, vocational training, design thinking, innovation, education research, evaluation, and human resource development. Members of the CARDET team have successfully participated in more than 100 projects in more than 30 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, Microsoft, The Commonwealth of Learning, international agencies and governments from around the world.

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European Network of Migrant Women

European Network of Migrant Women

European Network of Migrant Women is a young migrant-women led platform of NGOs that works, in the spirit of intersectional feminism, for the rights of migrant women in Europe. Our diverse membership includes the women of Arab, African, Asian, Latin American and Eastern European descent and extends to over 40 migrant women grass-root and advocacy groups in 20 European countries. ENoMW members cover a diverse range of subjects in the area of human rights of migrant & refugee women, with economic empowerment, anti-discrimination & access to justice and combatting Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG), being the most frequent activities.

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